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Sherlock Studios started off with the birth of my first son, Sherlock.
I tried to capture every moment of his development, from his first day into the world,
first smile, to the first time he walked. A picture tells a story that sometimes cannot be explained in words,
and acts as a reminder for those special occasions that you may never recall. Photography has turned from a
hobby to a tool I use to tell stories to my family and friends. My passion is shooting baby, maternity and portrait photography,
and now I'm venturing into videography.
I am Japanese and live in Hong Kong with my two kids and my husband who taught me the concept of F-stop, shutter speed and ISO. Apart from photography,
I love to paint, travel and explore good wine and eats around the neighborhood.

私は息子がこの世に誕生してくれた日から、初めての笑顔、初めて歩いた日すべての成長過程を 記録しようと努めました。写真は時に言葉では表現しきれないことや自分の記憶ではとどめきれないような 特別な瞬間を残してくれます。写真を撮ることは私にとって趣味から私の家族や友人を語る大切な手段となりました。
写真に向ける情熱は、赤ちゃんを撮ることまた自分自身のポートレート撮影ですが、現在写真からビデオの撮影にも 興味が広がりつつあります。私は香港在住で2人の息子と旦那をもつ日本人です。

Kaoru Gleissner (Creative Mommy of Sherlock Studios)

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Whether you want to ask some advise about what kind of equipment to shoot your loved ones or inquiry about capturing your special moments, do not hesitate to contact me.